Study Abroad, the Time is NOW

Cliché as it may sound, studying abroad is an experience that you cannot put a price tag on. It changes you in ways that effect you so profoundly that you might not even understand the magnitude of them yet. Many people are on the edge about going abroad for one reason or another. Maybe they… Continue reading Study Abroad, the Time is NOW

The Dream Customer…

In today’s markets where there are hundreds of companies all trying to sell similar products, it is extremely exciting for a consumer to find the one that truly out-performs the rest in service and products. When a customer discovers this gem and falls in love with it, they become the ultimate dream of the company:… Continue reading The Dream Customer…

Ana López on Marketing

Ana López has been working for the Estrella Damm company since 2009, which is the first and most important brewery in Catalonia. She began as brand manager, which was a tricky job considering at the time the company had no social media platforms, so other branches of advertising were very important. Since Estrella Damm sponsored… Continue reading Ana López on Marketing

The New Age of Political Games

Social media has proven to be a driving force in the lives of many Americans. Facebook in particular was launched in February of 2004, and by 2007 already had over 58 million active users. Former President Barack Obama was a smart enough entrepreneur to recognize this growth and obsession with social media and use it… Continue reading The New Age of Political Games