What Kind of Journalist Are You?

In today’s society, the way we receive news is based off of whoever records it first. That person shapes how the story is framed, thus setting the precedence of how the rest of the world digests it. We have moved past the 20th century norms of network TV cameramen or newspaper photographers being the only… Continue reading What Kind of Journalist Are You?

Different Country, Different College Experience

If you have attended the same school for your whole life, in the same town with the same people, it is easy to believe that the environment you are accustomed to is the only option. However, when you step out of the bubble of your traditional environment and insert yourself in unknown territory, many differences… Continue reading Different Country, Different College Experience

“Find What You Love and Let it Kill You”

Journalist, social media connoisseur, and action daredevil from Barcelona, Valentí Sanjuan has rose to fame by documenting his adventurous and inspirational life on social media such as Instagram and YouTube. Although he lost his job in traditional broadcasting about nine years ago, he did not let that stop him from creating and sharing his own… Continue reading “Find What You Love and Let it Kill You”

The Newest Advancement in 21st Century Journalism

Mobil journalism (MoJo for short) is the new and upcoming way of efficiently and professionally reporting journalism stories. It is journalism for the new world, allowing a broader array of people to report on their own without having to rely on large and antiquated tools and tech items to produce a clear report. A recent… Continue reading The Newest Advancement in 21st Century Journalism

Quick and Easy Weeknight Meal

Although I am an absolute foodie who loves to go out to new restaurants and try new foods, there is also something so satisfying about making yourself a home-cooked meal. Especially being abroad and having to be rather money-conscious, it is important for me to take breaks from dining out and do some grocery shopping… Continue reading Quick and Easy Weeknight Meal

And In This Year’s Election We Will Be Voting On Twitter…

Social media has changed our lives in more ways than ever imagined. Aside from affecting the personal lives of users, it has also began stretching into larger aspects of society as a whole. The use of Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook in politics has drastically changed how citizens interact with political leaders and how campaigns in… Continue reading And In This Year’s Election We Will Be Voting On Twitter…

The More the Merrier

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Amalfi Coast, Italy, a trip which unarguably ended up being my favorite thus far since I moved to Europe. Everywhere where you looked there was another picturesque sight to see, between the amazing architecture, quaint homes, and of course, the stunning and crystal clear… Continue reading The More the Merrier